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  1. Anyone else having an issue with the Travel options using Fairy Rings in House with Regen Pool? It keeps throwing my house tabs back in the bank and stopping the script
  2. my bad I commented on the wrong thread lmao
  3. I made a guide, skip down to step 6 for bypassing error https://osbot.org/forum/topic/166460-guide-how-to-run-multiple-mirror-mode-clients-with-seperate-proxies-bypass-unable-to-create-advertising-error/
  4. Yeah pretty much what he said. Helps you open more than two osrs clients. Kinda like a vm. Also helps with pairing mirror mode to specific clients
  5. Use sandboxie for opening multiple osrs clients
  6. He is currently working on a patch as we speak.
  7. Hopefully @Patrickis on his A-Game today
  8. I guess so, entire thread for it.. Just call it vouchers instead of gift cards. lol
  9. Sweet! Thanks for the info!
  10. RESOLVED Hello, Does anyone know if its against the rules here to purchase OSBot Gift Cards and sell them for RSGP? Someone please let me know, thanks.
  11. RuneScape just updated, which broke OSBot. Needs to be updated again unfortunately
  12. I use remote desktop alot and haven't caught any bans yet... makes me skeptical of using it now
  13. Suggestions: add imbued heart support and vengeance/rune pouch support
  14. Use sandboxie. Step 6 in my guide https://osbot.org/forum/topic/166461-guide-how-to-run-multiple-mirror-mode-clients-with-seperate-proxies-bypass-unable-to-create-advertising-error/
  15. EDIT: For some reason I am having trouble inserting images into my post so I will just post the links of the images for now. Sorry for the inconvienence. Here is an album with all the pictures together: https://ibb.co/album/v3sWs1 Hey guys, I see alot of people asking how to set proxies with their mirror mode or how to open up more than two runescape clients without getting an error message. So I decided to make this guide. (If you're here for just to learn how to bypass the "Unable to Create Advertising" Error message, Skip to Step Six) You will need to download three progr
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