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  1. If you're gonna use this script, I highly recommend using it only on Mirror Mode.
  2. I tried using your username and it says not found which is odd... if you have used it under that OSBot name then it should be found.. So yeah, that's a question for @ChrisI guess
  3. Have you ran the script on that OSBot account?
  4. When you start the script does the settings menu load up or does the script stop before it shows up?
  5. Did you make sure all settings were filled out correctly and that your gear/supplies are setup properly as well? Sometimes I have an issue with the script auto-stopping a few times right when I click start from my list of scripts, but I just keep clicking start until the settings load. I don't know if that helps with your issue.
  6. Did you make sure everything was filled out correctly?
  7. You can only buy it off the SDN
  8. Lmao.. almost every script has a gui the overlays runescape so it's definitely not that.. and like Chris just said, you aren't using mirror mode which is asking for a quick ban.
  9. No, I didn't think of that. I'll give it a shot.
  10. No I specifically have all the sleep settings and shit off so I can connect to my pc remotely whenever I need to Saying I lack braincells?
  11. When gaining Lovakengj favour, the bot receives an error trying to break. It tries to logout but cannot because it is under attack. If you could maybe add something to move away from the clouds when a break is coming up so it can logout that would be awesome! Thanks
  12. So nobody knows why I'm having this issue or how to solve it?
  13. Rule 14. Your Forum Account Making numerous accounts to bypass our VIP system is not allowed. If you are found doing this you will be banned on all alternate accounts even if you have premium scripts. If you are caught doing it after receiving a ban on the alternate accounts you will receive an IP ban. You are also not allowed to share or sell your forum account. This is not accepted and will result in a permanent ban. The use of Proxies/VPNs on the forum is prohibited. If you are using a VPN/Proxy that is linked to a banned member, you will be banned. Therefore we advise you to only use your own, real, IP address.
  14. Pretty sure account sharing/selling/renting is against the rules.
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