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  1. when the script does the quest for you, finishes it and auto goes to start catching chins... honestly anyone wondering if they should buy this or not, just do it its amazing. thanks again mate!
  2. Ahhh this would absolutely make sense lol. Thanks man I’ve never done hunting before hence why I had to get the script, love it mate it’s brilliant
  3. thanks mate! is there a way to set up breaks or do i need to start them myself by stopping the script?
  4. hi mate can you help me at all? been using the script since like lvl 20 hunter and im now 64.. been doing birds, then orange sallies then red sallies till now and wanted to do a bit of red chins.. however, when i set the bot up for red chins.. it grabs supplies from my bank, walks via castle wars to the location, begins to set a trap then just clicks log out before placing any traps? im on mirror mode, got 5 box traps and two stams in my inv.. all of which the bot took out the bank. ive went back to orange sallies for the time being.. takes the ropes and nets no problem then head north from CW to the location and starts fine. is it supplies or something im missing for chins?
  5. could i trial this please bro? looks lavley
  6. EzCuZz


    no hassle mate, running it the now and the same, wave 47 : i just pause script, click the mager then resume script and its fine INFO: Starting wave 46 EXCEPTION: -14316 DEBUG: Forgetting indexed Mage INFO: Starting wave 47 INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore INFO: Consuming Super restore
  7. got it now mate perfect will get it ordered up tonight pnce the pennies are in the bank.... life saver!!
  8. anyone ? got it, deleted my account details from os bot and re entered them and it worked
  9. I was in the same position as you, I struggled to get my cape and decided to buy the script. I have now done 31 kills on my “main” I only run it like 1-2 kills a night then go do other things that I control such as, wildy slayer, some pking and afk skills for a one time kill I doubt you will be banned, there is always the chance but imo I feel it would be very very unfortunate if it happens, suppose its a risk we all take.
  10. hi folks, trying to run os bot while using a recently purchased proxy... when im loading in and going to the script page there are none of my purchased scripts, it just give me a search option or visit the store. when i visit the store my scripts are there just not within the os bot hub. im on windows and i have wen tinto network settings and put the details of the proxy in the section for proxies. entered the user name and password when promted also.. any ideas as to what im doing wrong?
  11. hey is it possible to get a trial of this? how much is it in gp also? thank you
  12. EzCuZz


    Hi mate can you help me out at all? Been running your script casually over the past two to three weeks, maybe 1 or two runs a day to keep the heat off me. I’m upto about 19 kills now which is amazing couldn’t thank you enough the pet farming is so much easier lol. only thing I’ve noticed which I’m not sure if you know about is it sometimes seems to bug out on wave 47 where my character runs to the south east safe spot, deep into the corner and just protects mage and sips restores - without hitting the mager back .. I just pause the script, hit the mager, then resume the script and it’s fine. im using stealth mode when I run the script, any ideas? It’s fine if I’m in the house because I can just pop my head in and check it’s still running fine but I’ve went out from time to time and obviously can’t intervene when the problem comes up. thanks for the script mate really really good very happy with it was my first script purchase mate good experience
  13. thanks for the reply man do you recommend any? honestly only know one site for proxies that I stated above lol
  14. hello everyone, pretty basic/nooby question but is there any difference between proxies and VPN's just asking as youtube creators can offer 3 months free on VPN service - to which had me wondering if this would be suitable to use to create a fresh acc to start botting on? or should i just purchase a proxy off somehwere like proxy6? id only really be looking to bot one acc from start just to see what happens sorry if this gets some eyes rolling and a few long disheartened exhales, but everyone gotta learn somehow right?? Thanks in advance
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