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  1. hello possible to get a trial please
  2. possible to get a trial thanks
  3. hey im after a couple of accounts with full gracefull preferably cb 3s with just agility lmk whats about thanks
  4. hello im interested but would like a trial first if possible thank you
  5. hey thank you just wondering do you know how old a account needs to be before can log into pvp worlds?
  6. hey is it possible to get a trial thank you
  7. just stands at bank with 2 dragon bones and a burning amulet in invent not doing anything
  8. Hello I have purchased this bot and it keeps getting stuck after someone kills it can you incorporate bank all items and worn equipment so that it know from their to refresh what it needs to remove from bank thanks
  9. please can i get a free trial thank you
  10. possible to get trial please thank you
  11. yes i deleted as it wasnt working and didnt want to keep if wasnt working and yes have tried to reinstall osbot also
  12. hi all hoping someone can help me. i have windows 10 on my pc and am able to play runescape with runelite no problem. but when i download osbot and attempt to open it with java it says. unable to install java there are errors in the following switches:''C;\User\Westb\Desktop\OSBot2.5.85.jar";. check the commands are valid and try again. but thats with all the available java downloads i can get and am attempting to open with them javas like i did on my old pc. am i right in saying this pc has java as i can run runelite no problem. any computer wizards please help. thank you all
  13. yeh i tried this but cant seem to find anyone or noone is getting back to me lol
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