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  1. Please add your discord UID to be verified! Please add your discord UID to be verified!
  2. No one is, I promise you. But for the Verification Thread everyone seems to just post their UID which you cannot search it in Discord, or they'll just add their name only and not post their UID. I'm sure some of them are probably spammers and scammers but there might be legit users who do not know what they are doing or how to do it. Pretty simple guide, even the pictures are self explanatory.
  3. For updated Verification Tutorial please check this out!
  4. Copying Your Discord Name: Step 1: (Click Your Discord Name) YOU ARE FINISHED COPYING YOUR DISCORD NAME! Copying Your Discord Unique ID: Note: If you already have Developer Mode Enabled then proceed to Step 4. Step 1: (Click Account Settings Button) Step 2: (Click Advanced Tab) Step 3: (Click Developer Mode Toggle Button) Step 4: (Click My Account Tab) Step 5: (Click Copy ID Button) YOUR ARE FINISHED COPYING YOUR DISCORD UID! Ge
  5. You go to Advanced options on your profile and enable developer mode, from there you can copy your ID on your profile and that will be your UID.
  6. Hopefully there isn't too many applications, I applied lol.
  7. Yes, sorry was in rush making this tutorial will update and give credits. And yes you can use singleFilter() but will cause warnings to your project unless you suppress it. Either way they both work perfectly fine I just think the List and getAllWidgets() is easier to understand on what is happening.
  8. I've seen a lot of people on here that still to this day think that using the basic run down getWidgets() method works. Example: [DO NOT USE] @Override public int onLoop() { log(getWidgets().get(int rootId, int childId).getMessage()); getWidgets().get(int rootId, int childId).interact(); return 300; } Note: This is a big NO NO! The reason why is because you're not properly null checking the widgets, and will cause the script to fail if the widget returns as a null, so lets get started! Basic Tutorial [FOR NOOBS]: So lets take into consideration that you just
  9. That actually helped me knowing it was a boolean statement, but it did not solve trying to set the actual pitch and yaw to it's specific target. Recalling the function doesn't help any, still ends up being the same, and yeah currently working on a fix for when the camera stops moving to return another boolean as true, hopefully this will solve my issue.
  10. Unfortunately it got sold to somebody else, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
  11. Title says it all please PM here or PM me on Discord (Ex0rcism#6304) UPDATE: SOLD (OUT OF STOCK)
  12. So for some reason I cannot set the camera to move to specific pitch and yaw degrees. Everytime I do I get different results on current pitch and yaw. My Code: if (camera != null) { targetPitch = random(22, 67); targetYaw += 1; camera.movePitch(targetPitch); camera.moveYaw(targetYaw); log("Camera moved successfully to position [Current(Pitch: " + camera.getPitchAngle() + ", Yaw:" + camera.getYawAngle() + "), Target(Pitch: " + targetPitch + ", Yaw: " + targetYaw + ")]"); return; } Results (Log): Camera moved successfully to position [Current(Pitch: 24, Yaw:
  13. So this should be efficient enough to use: private int getSackWidgetRootId() { RS2Widget sackWidgetRoot = getWidgets().singleFilter(getWidgets().getAll(), w -> w.getSpriteIndex2() == -1 && w.getHeight() == 68 && w.getWidth() == 68); if (sackWidgetRoot != null) { return sackWidgetRoot.getRootId(); } return -1; } private int getSackValue() { List<RS2Widget> sackWidget = getWidgets().matchingTextColour(getSackWidgetRootId(), 13158600); if (sackWidget != null) { RS2Widget messageWidget = sackWidget.get(0); return Integer.parseInt(messageWidget.getMes
  14. Sprite Ids don't change? Wonder how this could be achieved, because you're right I don't want to keep updating the script every Thursday lol.
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