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  1. @Khaleesican i get a trial please
  2. they ban in waves so people never know the true player count or they'd all move on
  3. my account got banned before i got to use it lol il msg you some time when i feel like trying this out
  4. @Khaleesi hey can i get a trial please
  5. gtag0dz

    Stealth Quester

    Legend dude thanks you! I am really excited to see your skills in action again here 1/1/1 must have taken a while haha I got an acc if you need one to test
  6. gtag0dz

    Stealth Quester

    @Tokenwill you please add fremmenik trials? i really really hate doing that quest with a passion
  7. i've seen people sell them for 300k
  8. gtag0dz

    Perfect Thiever

    Hi @Czaradded you on discord need some help with something
  9. This is a great guide will be useful for me thank you
  10. Hi @FurySharkcan I have a trial please
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