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  1. Hey man did some tests of this script and within an 45mins of running the script on 4 separate accounts on 4 different IP's all were banned. I notice that there is really no sleeps inbetween actions you have in the script and before and after you move the mouse randomly offscreen adding some random sleeps inbetween all of the mentioned actions above with drastically increase the effectiveness of this script. Have a good one mate
  2. Yeah the screenshot is from Jagex's post on the settings change I might be a newbie but im not that newbie lol
  3. [username censored] Noticed this right away figuire i'd sound an alarm for anyone who has their farm automated. Easy fix for your scripts but this will mess up many scripts I imagine
  4. Wow that was fast i'll test it out and let you know if i find any issues. Thanks again mate
  5. On a positive note prices are sky rocketing so take advantage of that mates
  6. Awesome thanks m8, and thank you to the guys working on the client for OSbot its much appreciated. You guys really have the best service.
  7. When I try to launch my bot to login the screen is just black anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
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