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  1. Frawst

    Perfect Agility

    So I did the beta testing on this script and ran it for about 7 hours with 28-39 minute breaks after every 41-57 minute run and I can say it is safe and the anti-ban system is a lot better then some of the other agility scripts I have seen.
  2. Script doesn't support ape atoll course even though it says it supports all courses? And also no stamina potion support?
  3. LOVE THIS SCRIPT!!! I let this script run overnight for 8 hours with breaks after about 52 minutes averaged 1.9m an hour profit and got a PET!

    Progress NMZ.png

    1. Token


      Thanks :doge: 

  5. Frawst

    Stealth NMZ

    Great script been running for a week so far with biggest progress done two days ago. (mirror mode with breaks set for 21-38 minutes after every nmz minigame)
  6. For some reason whenever it goes into a tunnel it keeps saying entering/searching tunnel for some reason and stops working every single time. *update* It only does this in mirror mode, stealth injection is fine but I refuse to use stealth injection. LOG [INFO][Bot #2][05/25 08:46:32 AM]: SPELL IS NOT SELECTED: false [INFO][Bot #2][05/25 08:46:32 AM]: Casting directly from click area! [INFO][Bot #1][05/25 08:46:32 AM]: DEBUG: Regress to tomb entry [INFO][Bot #1][05/25 08:46:32 AM]: DEBUG: Going to search tomb [INFO][Bot #1][05/25 08:46:33 AM]: DEBUG: Regress to tomb
  7. Thanks lol true tbh as long as your safe and dont bot over an hour without breaking for 20-40 minutes then your usually okay. But a lot of people think wont get banned because they have a good script and do several hours of constant botting and that's the way they get banned.
  8. WOOO! 3 Set of void on 3 different accounts without getting banned once!
  9. Ive been using it for about 5 hours now with 20-30 minute breaks after 50-60 minute runs so far its flawless I think you got it fixed
  10. Mirror mode that's the only mode I'll ever use.
  11. Is it just me or is anyone else having the upper options portion of their client disappear on them as well some of the things I hover over do re-appear others I have to guess and click the location never had this issue before up until latest client update. https://ibb.co/rHbm3CN
  12. Odd you say that I have been using the script for the past couple of days with 20 minute breaks set after every hour and haven't been banned once and im using stun/alch which is way more click extensive you must be doing something wrong. And to be frank I have never been banned using any of Czar's scripts you just have to be smart with it and not bot like other bots and do things other bots do.
  13. Is there a setting I can change to make this script quicker? because its moving super slow I am using mirror mode as I refuse to use stealth inject.
  14. Love your scripts! Only ones I buy. Do you have an agility script you don't have released yet I can buy?

    1. Czar


      I have an agility script which I will activate for you, good luck :D refresh scripts.

    2. Frawst


      Great thank you very much 😊

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