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  1. If you are using a proxy and you get an account banned on that proxy from say flax spinning, should you then just suicide as many accounts as you can on that proxy till you can't use it anymore ?
  2. It is a form of botting, But if he has made it work for 10 accounts thats amazing!! I've personally always found Macros alot more complicated too use without getting banned. Well done, Will consider in future thanks!
  3. It won't run CSGO very well, probably run OSRS and not many other games. I wouldn't buy this personally even just for OSRS.
  4. A P2P Wildy Looter would be cool script! ?
  5. It's very likely you will get banned eventually. I recommend using a proxy with the OSBot client, Atleast that way if you get banned it wont effect your main account! Best of luck mate and good luck!! ?
  6. wong44


    I'm gonna have too go with Mammal! are we taking bets ? jk lol.. I still have too do raids 1 on my main >.< let alone my alts hahaha, best of luck champ!
  7. wong44


    I've been leaning toward the same thing, I guess it would also be nice too obtain a good account inventory!! I havn't had much luck with gold farming or suicide botting, But hey every failure is another lesson learned! GL BRO ?
  8. wong44


    Welcome, Good luck botting!! Do you have any goals this time around ?
  9. I just wanted my first 99 when I started botting! xD
  10. Can you buy accounts with under 100 pc ?
  11. wong44


    gl bruh How long typically before these accounts get banhammer at Green Drags ?
  12. That's a beautiful sight. Well Done. ?️
  13. wong44

    Stealth Quester

    It may work, But you cannot purchase it via SDN ?
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