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  1. Thanks for the prompt response
  2. Does this support safe spotting or setting up of custom safe spots?
  3. For accounts you don't intend on suicide botting do you guys have a "wait period" after account creation before you will start doing any botting? I noticed I had some older accounts I never did anything with outside of tut island, I started botting a few of them as well as 2 new accounts I just created. When I logged in this morning all of the older accounts were alive and well but the brand new accounts were banned.
  4. Quick question, when trying to do quests it seems to get stuck (in sheep shearer it just continuously tries to talk to the farmer) could this be a setting issue, or is it bugged?
  5. Awww man if you would have put yahoo on that list the trifecta would be complete lol
  6. King Ryan

    Zero to hero?

    Good luck on this, I love reading stories from other “beginners “.
  7. Good general over view, would like to see it get a bit more in depth.
  8. I know a lot of people use a fresh proxy per account (create and play on the same proxy). Some people create it on a proxy then bot it on another so when it gets banned they claim it was hacked.
  9. Ya both are still botted a ton. Zulrah has had 2 bot ban waves in 2 weeks just FYI.
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