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  1. Add me on Disc Browse#6182
  2. Disputed member: @LIAMM Thread Link:https://osbot.org/forum/profile/4328-liamm/ Explanation: Bought an account recovered and blocked me Evidence: [Hidden]
  3. thats like 2$ if using BTC it will be swallowed up in fees if your going to do a smaller transaction like that use XRP .00003 fees and 3 secound settlement time.
  4. would also disagree with this. i activity pk with 6-8 2k pures that hunt/rag 2k constantly. Im just saying it might sit for a while at 800-1100.
  5. thats an insane price. im sure @powerful would sell his max cape account for 1000-1200$
  6. Browse

    1500 ttl pure

  7. Browse

    med lvl acc

    Browse#6182 pm me
  8. I have longer term membership codes for sale, cheaper than bond price. Browse#6182
  9. if you would like to sell and chuckle comfrims pm me. im not sure the pc but if u decide to sell.
  10. can do 115m ur sups. Browse#6182
  11. .6 Browse#6182 paypal from trusted.
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