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  1. -Script Name: Khal AIO Magic - trial length: 24 hours - Reason for trial: I want to test whether this script is feasible for training up some accounts for my farm Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey any chance I could give this script a try?
  3. Hey Molly, The profit and P/H counter's aren't working for me, tried restarting client etc.
  4. Hey mate, any chance I can get a trial?
  5. Hey could I get a trial for this script please? I commented on the page before but not sure if you saw it or not
  6. Could I also get a trial please?
  7. Request Template: - Script name : Blast Furnace - Trial length: 24-48 hrs - Reason for trial: Would like to test the script before deciding to purchase. - Are you going to give feedback on the script? Yes I will be happy to provide feedback Cheers
  8. I'd like a trial on this also if possible please
  9. Hey , could I get a trial for this script please?
  10. VIP came through today, not sure why it was so delayed but resolved now.
  11. I can see the transaction pending in my account under store > billing agreements, so it's not that. I've just seen a similar topic recently where someone had the same issue and it had to be done manually, so im thinking its possibly that
  12. I bought VIP on Wednesday and it still hasn't come through yet. The money has come out of my account and I've got a paypal transaction ID but it's still pending osbot side. Anyone able to advise or help?
  13. Thank you for the reply. You got what I was saying, but on top of it hopping before it has a chance to set up, if for example there's 2 of us attempting to grab then only one of us will get aggro of the mobs leaving the other person out of combat after a few seconds. It will then hop as soon as grab action is complete, which leads to pretty rapid successive hops if you're unlucky, seems more likely on more populated worlds. (I think it spawns quicker on those worlds so will again lead to quicker hops) The part about hopping before the bot has had a chance to setup makes sense and seems to be fine, I think the issue is when it does that and then does what I described above straight afterwards in succession. On the emptier worlds with less competition I'm not running into the issue / not as much so If it could somehow be forced to wait the 10S or so after a successful grab to world hop I don't think it would happen. I do have 2 running at a time on the same client and PC so the same IP, didn't know that was a factor too. Hopefully this makes sense, my brain is elsewhere today...
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