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  1. What I'm looking for in each account: 80 Range/Mage 75 Def 50+ Prayer Regicide Ava's Book of Darkness MA2 Cape Whoever can supply me a reliable source of accounts, i'll be picking up a few
  2. This looks hype! Suggestion if not already added, using npc contact for a new slayer task would be amazing
  3. Keeps teleporting to digsite over and over for birdhouse runs: [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:51 PM]: p=[x=3342, y=3443, z=0] m=true h=false [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:51 PM]: birdhouse trip: Birdhouse #1 [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:51 PM]: teleporting to fossil island [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:51 PM]: rubbing pendant [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:57 PM]: p=[x=3343, y=3445, z=0] m=true h=false [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:57 PM]: birdhouse trip: Birdhouse #1 [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:57 PM]: teleporting to fossil island [INFO][Bot #1][01/16 12:20:57 PM]: rubbing pendant
  4. pepsiplaya


    Could i get a trial?
  5. Could i get a trial for this?
  6. 2.6.9, mirror mode, using default os client
  7. Only issue i have with this script is it clicks on the boat too many times. For example, it'll click the plank for the boat 5 times on the way there, it'll enter, move the mouse and click it again making my character run in a corner of the boat in the same pattern every time
  8. Could i get a trial @FrostBug
  9. Could i get a free trial? If it works without me having to move a finger for farm runs you can take my money
  10. pepsiplaya

    Stealth NMZ

    Could i get a trial, super interested in this!
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