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  1. I've used this script with my thieving grind and been thieving stalls for my xp. So far so good i think it's great, but i'm going to make a suggestion for you to add to the script. Suggestion: Add steal full invent then drop full invent additionally to (steal 1 drop 1). As it makes the method more AFK-like and potentially reducing ban rate, Thanks for the great script and keep up the work! Edit: i may be the biggest retard, as i've been selecting the options assuming you have to pick one but you may be able to not tick them and i guess it does steal 28 drop 28
  2. My friend got banned using this to 81 fletch, i would feel a lot more comfortable if you could add the AFK and Mouse off-screen setting. I feel this plays a bit part into the detection, you have this on your fighter and fisher was curious as to why not on this. Thanks.
  3. Nevermind, bought it does this have anti-ban? AFK mode setting and mouse off screen if not would you be able to add a features like this.
  4. Hey, sorry to ask again but could i have a trial, last time you gave me one i never had a chance to use it. Check my xp if you wish, would be highly appreciated but i understand if not. Thanks
  5. If the goal is to just afk high slayer monsters, id recommend buying an account rather than attempting to bot one.
  6. Does this script support Monkfish?
  7. Could i get a trial on this script please? love your magic script also, most likely will buy this soon anyway
  8. I seen you from frostbugs script before brother, take my word. this script is worth way more than the price, just buy it right out it's amazing. U wont regret it
  9. Shilo

    Molly's Thiever

    Script is just walking to the bank and eating food out of my bank, not thieving. (Varrock tea) Help
  10. You can add this script to your collection for free, just go to scripts --> prayer and add it. Just the last few comments said it was broken, so becareful and dont use on your main to test it.
  11. Script is fine other than what i stated before for improvements, settings save and doesnt get stuck.
  12. Script looks great, is there any trials for this?
  13. Great script running very nice, alls i see to improve would be reaction time and human camera movement when pathing through tunnels. (Not sure how you go about this but just thought i'd note it) Good job on this one
  14. Shilo

    Explv's Walker

    This is the most underdog script out there. Thanks for the effort you saved me
  15. Shilo

    Stealth Quester

    Love this script, only if i had a tracker for how many times it done quests for me
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