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  1. zuzel111

    start in ~5-6 hours from now
  2. zuzel111

    $12 or 12m
  3. zuzel111

    No soz for 40M I can sign a photo with screenshot of completion
  4. zuzel111

    Around $89,99 or 89,9M +3k sweets would be the price in my service, maybe a little bit lower depends on your exact hp level Thanks for recommending @Lost Panda
  5. zuzel111

    Price for your stats would be $13,90 or 13.9M You can order any time at www.sparta.rs
  6. zuzel111

    $18,90 or 18,9M, you can order any time at www.sparta.rs to be added to waiting list
  7. zuzel111

    $27 or 27M You can order any time at www.sparta.rs to be added to waiting list
  8. zuzel111

    He already placed an order in my service, thanks
  9. zuzel111

    low def takes literally 5mins longer because the only difference is 15ranged bonus less
  10. zuzel111

    I can do it for $3 or 3M, let me know when you're at jad (Wave 63)
  11. zuzel111

    $15,90 or 15.9M There are still some open slots in queue for Saturday
  12. zuzel111

    I can do it, price warries between $174,99 - $189,99 or 174.9M-189.9M + 4k sweets
  13. zuzel111

    Site is not title Link on my site redirects to #1 the best infernal service which belongs to @Pink Clay
  14. zuzel111

    $13.90 USD or 13.9M would be price for your stats Estimated time on start as we speak would be tomorrow, 11:00 AM GMT +1 time (5AM EST) Prices above are normal prices for hand done work, the fact it's osbot forums doesnt mean everyone is botting services to charge funny 8M per cape