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  1. Heyy Fury, could i get a trial? Looks like a nice and fun script
  2. Jelle1234


    After running the script for about 2 hours on mirror mode, i can say that it works nicely. There are some things however. I haven't seen the script actually prioritising the leaping fishing spots, the script is very slow in reselecting fishing spot and even with the setting to put out fires, it doesn't. Getting nice xp and consistent kills though! Once these kinks (or some of them) have been ironed out i'll 100% be buying the script. Thanks again for letting me test the script and good luck!
  3. Jelle1234


    Looks like a nice script, could i get a trial to test out how well it works on mirror mode? Awesome work
  4. Really depends on how you bot, but i havent had a single ban from this script. Break often enough and run some other training scripts sometimes
  5. Hello, amazing script first of all. Works like a charm. I was just wondering how far along you are with adding the trollheim patch. Awesome work
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