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  1. As per title Post your price and contact info below
  2. bought thanks
  3. Shigeo


    Bought ty close
  4. bumping the offer to 18m, still looking
  5. I need 5 of the following build paying 18m each on completion: Tut island Waterfall Tree gnome village Fight arena Vamp slayer 1-18 slayer (you can do the varrock museum quiz) 45 attack (you will already be 35+ from quests) 70 str (already 30+ from quests) 55 magic 1-33 ranging You pay bonds + supplies to ensure no botting. Leave your contact details
  6. working for that extra penalty rates
  7. I'm looking for the following stats on 5 accounts 45 Attack 70 Str You can do quests such as waterfall quest and other combat xp quest to get a head start Post your price and contact info below. If the account is banned during the service or 24 hours after handing over, you will be liable for it either through (refund or replacement)
  8. I'm looking to buy 30m PP Post your rate and contact information (Discord)
  9. i can do the digsite for free :)

  10. Need the following quest 1. Digsite 2. Temple of ikov 3. Troll Stronghold 4. Desert Treasure 15 pray Account stats: Post your price and contact information below!
  11. skype is zakplesk


    1. FishGang


      still waiting :/


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