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  1. 5m can do it right now
  2. 25m can start in 2 hours
  3. 10m considering the pain of the kitten.
  4. 10m, can do for cheaper if i can use sand grinder for buckets of sand Can be done tonight.
  5. 120m contact info below
  6. 4m can do it tonight (2 hours from now )
  7. can do this for 5m/each right now, contact info below.
  8. Elite Serv

    1-50 FM

    3m can be done tonight
  9. 15m done tonight, add me for further details.
  10. I am intersted, add me on discord/skype
  11. what skills/quests you specifically need, name them so I can give you a price mate
  12. how long do you give to complete each order ?
  13. your discord seems to be incorrect msged you and you can add me my info is below
  14. I am looking to get agility 73-76, I have kandarin hard diaries and can supply law runes for seers tele, please reply with the price/xp
  15. 9.5m/acc can start now, be done within 3 hrs~ of getting info
  16. lol if that so my bad it was 7 am and I am have not sleep yet ? hit me up
  17. 5.5m for the quests, WC 30 gp/xp crafting 15gp/xp agility 80gp/xp 9m~ total (not too sure just do the math I am half sleep)
  18. 45m hand done 3-4 days
  19. Elite Serv

    Nature spirit

    can start rn 4m/acc
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