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  1. trial please hope it works on iron man too!
  2. selling 1,5bil gold ==> 0,46$/m fees on you though don't think this is your lucky ticket to scam on osbot and get out because it's not i verify who i trade with x
  3. pm me when ur ready i'll probs sell by then
  4. i dont have coinbase only pp =/ i'm willing to go first but in parts if u proof ur owner
  5. My price is 0.48-0.49$ your fees only people i find legit i only accept paypal and i only got discord Thank you
  6. selling for paypal if ur legit post ur discords if not iwont add
  7. ehh kinda wanna buy it but kinda want long bones ..
  8. Anyway u can add that it loots lone bones? And giant keys?
  9. try reading bitch maybe you'll understand me
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