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  1. what if i bought an account ages ago but got it banned for botting than asked the owner if he can try to appael. He said only if i pay him 90% of total bank which is odd . After that i assume he tries it and ghosts me is it worth a report even thought it happend ages ago and it was an ex mod here or just fuck it? honestly i don't care about it super much but the guy is just super rude. Hence why i'm wondering what to do in this situation
  2. this yeah i wrote fast and without thinking. pretty much 1 i bought an account 2 it got banned 3 i asked if he can try to unban 4 he asked for 40% of bank value which is a dick move also nowhere stated in his tos 5 he said he didnt recieve an answer but i have a feeling he did which means he got the account unbanned and took the bank for him
  3. so what if i bought an account let's say 2 years ago and it got banned while servicing and i ask the owner to recover it but he said no reply( also can he charge me a 40% off bank value fee ?) but every single account i tried to unban has been unbanned with the worst bans? can i still ask him for the password off that account even though it's banned it's still my account or? i'm just curious even if it's banned 100 years ago it's still my account no? i got the feeling he got the account unbanned and just dissepeard and the dude was a mod here l..
  4. agreed good opinion still waiting
  5. runebet does it effortless? care to explain
  6. why do i have a feeling runechat is literally a scam site? they can never pay out not even after waiting 2-3 hours and if you withdraw with crypto or pp they underpay 25% over any other gold selling website? that's kind of scamming no? and if u ask about in in chat the childish mods get mad and you get an insta mute .. like bro you're a mod in a website that's it still a cancerous trash irl.. ? yeah i know i seem upset but i cant withdraw my money it's crazy
  7. i owe way to many of your scripts ngl
  8. trial please hope it works on iron man too!
  9. selling 1,5bil gold ==> 0,46$/m fees on you though don't think this is your lucky ticket to scam on osbot and get out because it's not i verify who i trade with x
  10. pm me when ur ready i'll probs sell by then
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