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  1. @ProjectPactand @Token top tiers for sure
  2. We're on full lockdown here but since I can study and work from home it's gucci, more of an introvert myself
  3. So it does have an email registered but you don't know which or has access to it? If that's the case try what Kramnik said, maybe in the comments you can try to design a way for it to make it seem that the account also got hacked regarding the email cause at first it had no email attached for example or some other stuff
  4. And there was I thinking why I got kicked
  5. Likewise, when I was younger I could do that in-game a little more but these days is a big nono
  6. Just in case they got locked mainly lol
  7. Given the specific context can you explain why? which is what I'm interested in
  8. Those are just the more risky stats to bot hence why it's recommended not to, but if you find the balance is possible to bot those also just being extra careful
  9. I should had been more specific people just go for the branches, in the scenario where you trust the person and we are only analyzing the variables I presented here any specific preference over the two mentioned on the post and why
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