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  1. I have quite a few accounts , to be clear none of these accounts have been botted on in over 3 years some may have marks or quashed offences. a 99 thieve, 87 rc / 63 agility or an iron man 99 fire making / 83 hunt just send me messages or show me what you have, also please let me know if i need to upload pictures I'm looking something super afk while i play my main.
  2. buying 200m+ preferably looking for a 1b+ Bitcoin paypal and a some others discord Hannah -Nanahanna#4475
  3. selling for .72 add my discord name btc ,eth / paypal for only trusted my stock is 1.5b osrs atm first come first serve Nanahanna#4475
  4. Cba to read all but I think somethingvthats not biblically available with a nicely written scrip would result in far less bans then a hastily overdone one.
  5. great script as always , my only suggestion would be to slow down the mouse speed when grabbing items from bank and maybe when buying at g.e, no one can navigate that fast
  6. Kintaro Oe

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    can this eat food if you want it too?
  7. Start the Bid at 100m O7 and i havnt come up with an auto win, Stats Useful Items Cape and Graceful Quest 1 Quest 2 Quest 3 Offences Wealth it says 25.3 but i think most of that is alchable stuff cause it really doesn't have much on their Please post any offers here or pm me and i will contact YOU thank you OSRS GP and BTC will be accepted i am the original owner and it has a non email login.
  8. I have messaged you. Still looking
  9. Meaning no email logins if my title wasnt clear enough. I'm not trying to pay for skills, but I may be able to compensate some for osrs stats but not rs3 I'll be paying gold or $$$ whichever you prefer I have a few different money methods to pay with So please hit me up with what you have I will pnly be buying from trusted members and I dont mind going first or using a trustworthy middleman. Please just message me I'll get back to you. Cheers.
  10. id do .75/m for a game hit me up if your interested
  11. you do not get to type in a an explanation for why you were banned or what you were doing while you got banned. personally I would still reset the password but that is just what i would. do good luck with your recovery
  12. i understand :P but i wasnt gonna do it for you 0.0. i have a $1400 computer and i've run 8 bots and played demanding games comfortably, havnt tested more as i find larger farms troublesome.
  13. Runescape.com -> Support page -> Click on "your account" -> under account settings click "account bans" -> click i understand i want to appeal a ban. then fill the stuff out it can take up to like 2 weeks to get a response. but most of the time i get my answers in like 5 days start botting on a vpn or a proxy.
  14. i think coinbase is rather high fees.
  15. I always put in a hacked password request or the closest thing to it. im not sure if it makes a difference but i'd do that when you get where your going first then i would do the appeal. past that i can't think of anything extra you can do, hopefully the distance is enough to get it quashed. this is why i use a vpn, although not as safe for "chain bans" i find it more successful for getting quashes as i can change my location daily. also i've noticed that my quash rate is like 1/3 lol even if they were all done the same way made at the same time on the same vpn. but there is probably some reason for that.
  16. meh, im always in favor of afk options so i wouldnt grind slayer, but it would add value and help later in the progression of the account.
  17. im not gonna take time to go look up parts but if you put in $1500 you can have a computer that will run a large farm, $ for a very nice farm. also i wouldn't buy computer parts off amazon its expensive as fuck compared to newegg which is my go to.
  18. i can give you 40m for that zulrah account

  19. not paying the same as an account with no offences, mostly cause i cant afford, but i plan to play legit for a bit so im not against taking a quashed account. and that might give me something to do. non iron man please. lists prices here. trusted only and im paying 07 gp.
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