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  1. @bamf_skiller is correct. Though in my experience, one ban on an IP isn't that much of a problem. If you're burning through accounts goldfarming green dragons, then you'll definitely want a few reliable proxies.
  2. next_god

    Fruity NMZ

    Haven't tried Barrows repair but Herb Boxes works well. I've stuck to default settings (Buy @ 1 million points) and haven't had any issues.
  3. next_god

    Fruity NMZ

    Void + MSB(I) w/RuneArrows = 76k/hour
  4. I'd like to request an auth - Will absolutely purchase when available. Looks incredible,,,
  5. All set - Thanks!
  6. Buying 30M via paypal, message me on here, thanks.
  7. Hello - I would like a trial of "APA AIO Smither". Thanks
  8. Like any good drug, I'm likely relapsing... Also, working from home provides more time for afking Runescape I would be restarting from a fresh account.... What is the current state of the game? Any recent controversial updates? Well balanced content among PVP/PVM/PVE? Are botting banrates relatively high at the moment? Y'all still having fun? Hope y'all are doing well
  9. Love the script. However, will support for abyss repairing ever be added?
  10. Haven't played on this acc. in a year since mage staking is dead.... I'm the OG owner + never botted. How many bonds/GP would this be worth?
  11. I'm assuming the most logical is Waterfall quest -> train to 30 defense -> sandcrabs
  12. This is what rock-bottom looks like...
  13. ​*Never botted, no infractions note: not all quests are shown.
  14. Thoughts on 'Views'? I really like 5-6 songs and the rest seem almost too girly I guess.
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