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  1. Works well. I only use mirror mode.
  2. I remember back in the day there were threads playing the alphabet game where I start with the letter a and say something that starts with a and the next will do b...c...d....e...and so on until z and start again. Rule, no using the same word A is for Apple
  3. Idk what settings to make me get those d claws D,:
  4. I looked the xps 15 up. There's a couple of options. Like the, Dell XPS 15 7590, Dell XPS 15 9560, Dell XPS 15 2-in-1. Is there one in particular thats "better" ?
  5. need a new laptop for school. Hopefully be able to play some steam games that I bring to friends houses.
  6. this video triggered my fight or flight
  7. chors

    Botting to Max

    damn. I tried botting to max and didn't get half way to this. Good job. Any tips?
  8. Where do you see how many posts you have?
  9. Can i get a trail please?
  10. chors

    sup guys

    welcome! Good luck making scripts!
  11. chors


    Make sure you're opening the official rs client when you use mirror mode.
  12. Was hoping it would fletch to 400 then switch to just burning logs for the rest because just burning logs is faster xp plus more of a chance of getting a crate rather then not fletching at all. But no worries, just thought I'd ask
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