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  1. out of curiosity what are you doing on these accounts?
  2. I could do a premium for you if youd be willing for me to do lunars/reqs and the crafting order.
  3. Do you have lunars or no? NeverLucky#3030
  4. Honestly ironmen are hard to value because it's kind of like whoever would want to pay for it.Maybe 20m or more?Not exactly anything comparable so stick it around if you intend to sell it and see some offers.
  5. How expensive would a one prayer fc be and if so,what's the minimum stats you would do it at?
  6. Could you even do this with the razer track pad mapping?As an example.
  7. This update is okay,but I really dislike the other part about spec tabbing as people will be more prone to unload specs early and tab after instead of try to fight,even more so than they do now.
  8. Currently I try to play at least 4 at the same time but if some of the tasks become too complex I go to three,how about you guys?
  9. Hi I will do this for 3m if you'd like.
  10. Hi I would be willing do this if you are willing to use a middleman for the difference(as id be doing all 5 account as once). If that sounds alright with you please contact me at NeverLucky#3030 or argusomega on the discord server.
  11. Liked and looking forward to trying it out
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