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  1. Bot works great, shift drops logs, doesnt drop my axe. Honestly, I like this bot more than most paid WC scripts I've used. it's just stable.
  2. Please humanize, less spam clicking the mouse and clicking.
  3. Please do, fatigue, random AFKs, human biometric mouse, and account-specific playstyle variations would be excellent
  4. bump bring forth the AI bot wave
  5. Imagine using Simba/SCAR back in 2004, Im sure you could bot to max, reliably. These days, Jagex has machiene learning to detect scripts, so if 1000 people use a script, the similar behaivoral style is easily detected across all the accounts. These days, in my expert opinion, you have to have a unique , and human-biometrics based mouse profiles for every account. And, using Mirror mode to avoid tampering with the client. Inject and Reflection are both detectable I belive, while a Color and Computer Vision bot would be undetectable from a client standpoint. THen, you just have to use human mouse profiles and script perfectly. I think fully undetected bots have always existed, they just arnt mainstream. I'll say, if you want to look like a bot, use a bot client, if you want to look like a human, use Computer Vision. Gotta emulate the human at every level, play on a normal client, use vision and object recognition to detect how to play. Computer Vision bots would be more resource intensive, and less relaible, such as not accurately recognizing NPCs and webwalking, but many items in runescape are static and dont change, so a computer could scan 360 degrees on a NPC or Item MOdel.
  6. Mouse fatigue and AFKs, HUMAN MOUSE and similar would be perfect. Perfect Chopper (Perfect Human Emulation)
  7. great, I think some optional anti-ban options to randomize behaivor would be: 1. Configurable Random AFKs, to simulate a player being away form their computer. 2. Fatigue System, to simulate a player getting gradually more tired, based upon a guassian random curve. Thanks
  8. z10n


    this should be system-wide for all osbot scripts by default, but each osrs account should have unique mouse profiles, timing, reactions etc.
  9. Theres basically 2 primary ways to detect bots: 1. The Bot client 2. The Play style/interactions. We can fix the client, by using Mirror mode. The play style and interactions, are probably how bots are detection: Mouse Click Points, Mouse Movements, Timing between actions ( Such as the timing between finishing one action and starting another) and repetitiveness. (This is why I think Antiban still have value, real players check XP, open random tabs, change the music, open quest guides etc) Fatigue system makes logical sense, etc. Also, where can I find more documentation on the 'New Mouse' option?
  10. Yeah some features would make this a lot better. Addings reported accounts to a list to avoid reporting the same account twice. Report witihin a level range, such as levels 3-5. etc.
  11. z10n


    Please consider adding Fatigue and account-specific mouse profiles.
  12. I feel like, through statistical analysis, we could pinpoint the exact cause of bot bans. Is it the Client? Script Behaivor? Etc? We should spend a few months and identify the exact variables that Jagex is detecting. Of couse, the best way is to emulate the human: Use RuneLite, each account has unique playstyle to emulate unique players etc.
  13. I want to bot and never be banned. Can I use Injection stealthily? Does using New mouse or hardware mouse help? Thanks
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