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Are you tired of fighting over the same mobs?
Does it get annoying having a cap of how many accounts can do 1 method?
What if i told you there was a way all these problems could go away?
What if there was an instance that made you millions and no one could ever crash you?

What im speaking of isn't impossible and its actually closer than you might think?

We can all make money together and pay off that ol car note.
Theirs one thing stopping us from having an amazing zulrah script and that would be alek.
You see the script is already ready to go the only problem right now is distributing it to the public and without vilius being S2 the problem will persist and the new age of Gold farming will be put on hold.

emote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.png emote32342.png emote32342.png emote32342.png emote32342.png emote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.pngemote32342.png


                                                                     Make vilius S2

2 many emojis on how i wanted it >>> http://puu.sh/oW7D4/e75fa0116e.png<<<

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