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Good fight jagex caught me i must be flagged.

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so i was botting on my laptop main ip boom 15 hours and perm ban.. lol. and im still botting barrels for over 24 hours now with 8 min. breaks every 2 hours, and no bans so far. just shows how bad it is when you get flagged. well hopefully i dont get banned on the other account but lets see.

anyways its my own fault ... we all know what suicide botting does in most cases.



Maybe it is really good to bot non-uk hours because if you look i got banned at 10:14 am, which is (9:14am uk-time). 



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well mod weath havent banned my other barrel account.. not bragging because i know the hammer will hit me. the thing is some weeks ago i got banned "2 day ban", and after that i was on the same ip getting constant bans. But after i changed to share my network with my iphone and got new ip, i havent received more than 1 ban on that ip.

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Use a proxy if you think you are flagged and believe ip flag leads to ban and not suiciding helps too i guess lol


Anyways nice bot progress gl on your other account smile.png

ty bro hehe:). you know i know its not good to suicide bot. but whats the point with botting if you dont take risks. i mean you can also get banned if you are botting 2 hours a day.. the risk is always there.

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