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only if you dare.


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Well now you clicked read more allow me to inform you that although you may have thought that this was going to be a comment including the comical line "You are a rebel I like you", then you have thus been proven wrong via your own intentions, now permit me to remind you that you are still reading this, and that by reading this you are effectively consuming over 10 seconds of your life in a way that a few people who seem to be fairly articulate in the means of the internet would consider "wasting", you may also have realised by now that this is no ordinary comment, and perhaps your feeble mind may be beginning to think that this comment is indeed unique, and original unlike many other comments much like the previous example, and comical line "You are a rebel I like you", in fact, it does not even contain the counter claim towards it, which will occasionally contain a poor representation of the current president of the United States' foreheard, you have also probably noticed that this comment is an exceptionally long comment in contrast to others much like the example I gave earlier, and if you are still comprehending these words that means that you are indeed still "reading" as people would say; I would like to direct your attention to the fact that these sort of comments are typical of the average youtuber user, and although you probably disagree with most of my opinions, I am afraid that you are most likely in the right, and before you like this comment you need to ask yourself, "Is this comment legit?" or have I just wasted 30 seconds of my life...

 i copy pasted this.



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