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AMA for 1k


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Will probably keep the 1k for the entirety of this post, so will edit first post with responses to questions. Will like your post once responded.



ill make u a new sig for $5, deal or no deal?


I've seen your sigs, nty.



how to sex grills?


Put it up in der


How did you reach such big number


Spam forum m8


Should i train for strength or mass


Strength plz


Who do you think the best staff member is (hint it's me) wink.png



You know it



how to sex?


Who let all the children in - PUT IT UP IN DER



She is a george forman and idk what to say? please help


Well first of all make sure she's unplugged or it'll burn, just grease her up and she'll be all good



better than whoever ever designed the garbage u be reppin


Make me a cool sig for a good reason then nub, 5$ isnt good enough reason.. 1k posts is!



Who R U?


Dont hate me cos u aint me



wow this are a lot of posts ohmy.png


Almost too many...


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