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Motocross Sponsorship


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Competition is now closed, unfortunately I didn't even end up making the Top 10. Thanks all for your support, we will have to try again next year! smile.png

Hey everyone, I'm reaching out to my fellow Runescape community for a different reason today. Basically, I ride dirt bikes. I'm looking to start riding professionally but need help to get this sponsorship from MXStore.

Here is a photo for you all to see of me and my bike.


Here's a brief explanation of why I would like to be sponsored;
My family have been into the motocross scene at one stage or another when they got everything handed to them and didn't have to pay for their stuff, but now the time comes when I am really focused on the sport but don't really have much help I am finding it hard to land myself anywhere. I've been riding since I was younger on quad bikes and then got into computer games (runescape) when I was about 8 years old and kind of lost my obsession to ride motorbikes, now that I am older I have saved up money over the years and bought myself my own bike and maintained it as good as I possibly can but it is very difficult. I have realized that computer games are not my life, even though I love to play in moderation, I still want to do something awesome with myself and get into the professional level one day, I would love to do Freestyle Motocross one day but would like to start of with Motocross racing first.

Here's how to vote for me:

Step 1. Click this link: http://mxstore.pgtb.me/kkv7V6/hcjvh?w=31390804&e=117962047

Step 2. Press the "Vote Now" button!

Step 3. Look for the first person on the list, should be "Isaac C"

Step 4. Vote for me if you think I deserve it! You can vote every 24 hours so it would be much appreciated if you could do so! QwPha8E.png

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this thread, hopefully I will even meet some more dirt bike riding players among us. smile.png

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