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  1. Add me on discord please
  2. Thank you Love your work aswell.
  3. Made an avatar for @Lost Panda
  4. add me on discord
  5. Does anybody actually use the default theme?
  6. Uhtred Graphics Graphics I make: Sigs Avatars Banners Thread Layouts Will be adding more graphics, when I get some orders Add me on discord: Uhtred#5694
  7. You won, Add me on discord: Uhtred#5694
  8. I’m back and want to celebrate it with a give away. Ill be making a (animated)sig and profile picture for the person that tells the best joke. Goodluck The graphics that I used to make for the forum:
  9. Need all F2P quests (hand)done from a fresh lvl 3 account, I will deliver accounts with all supplies. Post your rates
  10. Bought gold mutiple times from him thank you for your quick service and great rates as always
  11. Bought topic can be closed
  12. maby post your computer specs? so we can see what the problem might be
  13. and listen to christmas songs all the time
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