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BETA v1.7.22

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Welcome to tonight's release! This update has the following features:

  • Prison Pete has been patched (unverified)
  • Freaky Forester has been patched (unverified)
  • Frog Cave has been patched (verified)
  • Drill Demon has been patched (verified)
  • Maze has been patched (unverified)
  • Pinball has been patched (unverified)
  • Run away from combat has been patched (unverified)
  • Surprise exam has been patched (unverified)

IMPORTANT! Any accounts stuck in ANY random that the bot can't solve, please PM the details. The faster I get accounts to test, the faster I can provide you with these releases!




Laz and the OSBot Team.

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[ERROR][07/18/13 08:58:06 PM]: Failed to inject client!


at org.osbot.engine.Main.H(cg:479)

at org.osbot.engine.Main.J(cg:369)

at org.osbot.dc.run(ml:664)

at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

[iNFO ][07/18/13 08:58:06 PM]: Loading client...

[ERROR][07/18/13 08:58:06 PM]: Failed to load client!


at org.osbot.dc.run(ml:335)

at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)



wont work :P gimme a link for .21 haha

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