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  1. This title was a song lyric playing in the background as i began to make this topic. Fit fairly well though. I signed into osbot today for the first time in a month or so and boy, shit went down! Anne? Still confused on that one. Occazn! Congratulations man. As your campaign manager i couldnt be more proud. #occazn4mod What the fuck Maldesto? Where the fuck did that come from. He should get the reward for most demotions then promotions. Hopefully he has been able to manager his short temper. Master Chief!? I have no idea why he resigned. Huge loss, but whatever.. Master Drive has always been a little shit to me, but he seems nice to others sometimes? Anyway, osbot, i feel for you. Raflesia i am sorry with all of the bullshit you put up with. Community, i wish the staff made better decisions. As someone who is not that active anymore i am thankful for being apart of osbot in its prime. GLHF
  2. Threads/posts in the Spam section do not count towards post count. Favorite is Sponsor.
  3. This let me down. The title really drew me in.
  4. Your signature is obnoxious. And i thought mine was big..
  5. No one cares about this stupid forum game, fk u
  6. http://osbot.org/forum/topic/14781-rules/
  7. Beehive. Im not sure if this has already been said, but i have an account stuck in it atm.
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