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New Subscription Method [Pro]


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Hey there


I think there should be another subscription version called "Pro". This version would cost 4.99 per month as opposed to VIP at 9.99.


Basically, I think there is a niche market for people who do not have mass bot farms. The VIP method allowing unlimited bot tabs is fine for people wanting something like 20+ bots or whatever, but for me I would only have 2 or 3 MAX.


If there was a cheaper version, less than the current 9.99 I would gladly pay up for it, but since currently I only have 2 accounts I use, it's not the best option for me, and nowhere near affordable.


What do you guys think? Some say VIP will lose so many members, and people will stop paying 9.99, but I think this will bring comparably a lot more people in than how many people losing out at VIP. Plus the "Pro" version could only allow for 2-3 only. Even 2 lol

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  • Administrator

Sorry, at this point we will not enable a different version of the vip usergroup. I apologize if you can't afford 9.99, but we ask you to consider if you make just a simple 10M from 1 month of botting it pays for itself + more. You can also buy VIP with GP from users with vouchers if you can't afford to just pay with paypal.

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