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Muffins Flax Friend [Picks Flax in Camelot & Banks] [Free]


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Just a simple flax picker (@Thanatos asked for one), start it in Camelot bank


Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wdphjnnkkxg1hvu/flaxFriend.jar


How to use?


put it in C:\Users\YOURNAME\OSBot\Scripts


Go to Camelot Bank


Open OSBot Script Selector


Hit Refresh, Load my Script


Hit Start!


Thanks again! Enjoy!


Let me know if it does not work for you or there are any bugs!





30/06/2015 v1.0 Released


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Any flax picker is high ban rate, but he hasn't reported a ban, and it wasn't "quickly thrown together" tongue.png


It still does ? i cant see why , its horrid for money making now a days. no one even bots it anymore so idk why they would be looking at it.... and I didnt mean any offence haha :P


Botted like 40k Flax with no bans.

40k flax??? no bans? ...... muffins, would there be any possibility of making it spin the flax on its way to the bank ? or would that be too much ?

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