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Who the elf buys something that requires a plug without the plug?


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Apparently, some moron on eBay thought I wanted his Game Boy advance rechargeable battery pack... Without the required AC Adapter.

He even clearly says in the title AC adapter along with the name of the battery pack implying both parts will come... I got the package today, and it only had the battery pack.

The guy basically scammed me $10... ten friggin dollars! I am just baffled by this mans logic(or rathr his absence of logic). I wrote a good reply back to him and will check in the morning... hope he doesn't bite my head off -_-

Any ways when is the last time you made a purchase and something like this happened to you? If not like this when's the last time you bought something, and you just felt so stunned by the outcome of the purchase for whatever reason?

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Seems to happen a lot on amazon with the big resellers. I once purchased a HP (new/unopened) part from a high rep guy and the box came with a completely different brand of product inside (even though the box was labeled HP on the outside). I try to stick to buying things from the actual company itself as it seems the resellers usually sell off brand/buggy products but advertise them as perfect condition/new.

This story seems a lot like the deal where people were trying to scam people on a xbox1/ps4 when they first came out. People on ebay were selling "PS4/Xbox1" but in the description it said ps4/xbox1 box. People were just buying the box of a ps4/xbox1 for $600-$800 because of the sellers attempting to trick buyers into thinking it's the real thing

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Maybe...he forgot to put it in? doge.png

Nah... The man just isn't that bright.

I got a very nasty reply from him. It's a shame really I thought I could handle this easily with him after all it was just $10 so how hard could it be to get it back?

Nope... Now he's made me file a dispute with pay pal because he's too immature to admit he screwed up.

UPDATE: Paypal came through for me like a boss!

I told them how he resorted to personal insults he sent me in a rude letter to me and that just fucked him over Troll.png.


Sucks I have to pay shipping but at least I proved a point and defended myself =). Oh that and I never have to deal with this douche nozzle ever again.





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Noah pls, when are you ever going to learn to not get scammed?

You havin a giggle m9-1?


Its not my fault this guy didn't say battery pack only. He said the name of the battery pack plus AC adapter which by definition is a plug which he didn't include. He intentionally misled me which is why it ended in my favor.


Either way I won the dispute so it's all good =).

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