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Hi People

Uchiha Sasuke

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Hello everyone, I joined this community earlier today and I thought I'd make myself an introduction.

A little bit about myself, I'm a computer science student who is soon to graduate. I am currently learning C# and next semester I will be having a class about Networking. I'm currently 21 years old and I have been playing RS for around 7 years. 

I have never played Old School RuneScape but I thought I would give it a try since I am maxed on RS3 and getting bored of League of Legends.

I enjoy anime and manga especially One Piece manga currently because things are getting crazy and I also like being apart of forums. I usually try to help out where I can but I'm not really an expert.


Anyways, nice to meet you guys.

See you around.

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hey smile.png

lost me at one piece

It's not for everyone lol. Completely understand. 


Welcome to OSBot! I was doing CS at university, but I'm swapping courses in September. We were doing C++ smile.png

C++ was first language they taught at my University. Good luck with it, hope you enjoy it.


Welcome smile.png

Thank you so much.


tl:dr But welcome QwPha8E.pngsmile.png

Thank you.


Hey nice i'm studying networking too. Hmu if u want to talk - Skype: cooldoot

I don't currently have a Skype because I forgot my password but if I make one again. I will definitely add you.

Best of luck with your networking studies. 

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Welcome to OSBot, I hope you'll enjoy your stay!

Thank you :)


Welcome! I also like anime! Naruto is out of fillers today, and Naruto part 3 manga is awesome as hell.

Thank you. Yeah I haven't been watching Naruto anime due to all the fillers but the part 3 is getting pretty good in the manga. I can't wait to go home today and read it.


Welcome smile.png

Thank you so much.

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