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  1. Why the hell would i put huge amount of wealth, enough to get it RWT ban? on an account that could potentially be recovered from this person?
  2. I wont be refunding until we know who the original owner is. because I can easily say that x person was the OO. this person for sure been recovering the account many time. and this guy amkate prob working with somebody that has been perm banned in osbot
  3. I just noticed as well. She said she bought the account for 70m and in the thread she lowered autowin to 50m idk when she made the post but she was desperate to get it sold.
  4. Yo solution, have you ever heard of an account getting banned over 750k???? Where you transfer 750k?? to your fucking account from the same ip??
  5. She said the OO was her friend, and she bought it off for 70m offsite. Can i please get the name of that person? Or a trade confirmation? Maybe she sends it to you.
  6. I charged backed so he cant transfer the funds to another paypal or to his bank account. Anyways he said he aint the original owner his "friend his" My assumption is he sells the account many times and recovers it all the time just to make a quick buck and sadly this one was unlucky for him.
  7. i asked him for help to get me it unbanned at first and he said i dont know how and deleted me off skype
  8. Add me on skype i can get this done for you. skype is squarescripts
  9. i can do the torso for 8m
  10. Disputed member: http://osbot.org/forum/user/198413-amkate2/ Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/103804-sellin-my-zerk-with-some-decent-skills/#entry1159551 Explanation: Bought this zerker thinking I could use zulrah on it. Bought it at near 11:00 am Everything went smoothly so i logged in and looked at the quests and noticed i needed underground pass and regicide done. I didnt want to do the quest so i let loner12 to do it for me. I paid devry the middleman with my personal main and then transfered 750k from my main to the zerker account I gave longer my info at 11:55 am and he finsished at around 2pm so im not netflix chilling and training agility because i need to get 56 for regicide then log out to take a piss come back and its disabled For Real World Trade. Evidence: Account Banned: https://i.imgur.com/13gCZUs.png Me paying him: can also show you my paypal if needed https://i.imgur.com/1U0IN2d.png Nothing more to it i think, seems like he selling the account and recovers it many times and does the same thing if you need any more evidence let me know. If you think im in the wrong ill cancel the charge back. PLease IP check his account
  11. how can i buy this? i wanted to buy runecrafting one too.
  12. from a trusted user it would probably bee 400m+
  13. I dont have a drivers license, could i just post my social security card and passport as a replacement?
  14. I use to have 3 1080p monitors but never found my self using them. So i just bought one really good one 1440p GSYNC 144hz monitor
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