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Will I survive? - Going against the neysayers.


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PERFECTFISHER - "Barbarian Suicide"


Botting on normal client, not mirror As I'm waiting for CPU to be lowered. Made an account 5 days ago, purchased a bond for membership. Got straight into botting fishing , on day 6 and currently in the mid 80's of fishing. I've made it so far over a quarter of the way there to 99, what's stopping me? Can I do it? Can I achieve 99 fishing in under a month on a newly made account with the compromise of a highly detectable injection bot, botting an average of 15 hours per day? No babysitting?

Botting history: I started botting in 2008 for my own benefit in game, not money or goldfarming. I avoided bot nuke day whilst my bot was still running at soulwars, seeing bots being disconnected right before my eyes until soul wars was a complete dead zone. I have a fully bottled account with 8 99s from 2011 and never received one ban. I thought I was invincible, until I received a 2 day ban on my main osrs account last year. I stopped botting completely and changed my ip, made this account and here I am.

May luck be by my side. Troll.png 

Call this suicide if you wish, or call it a revelation. Will I make it brahs? Stay tuned for updates.


NOTE: This is an experiment, so Inb4 "GL on ban"


UPDATE: Got 99 Fishing! Thanks Czar!




Basically ran this script 24/7, aside from the odd 1 hour break off and farming runs, as well as questing here and there. Forgot how to properly add thumbnails but theres a link to the picture below! As you can see the account is under 20 days old!







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