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[Tutorial] How to play runescape in Chrome after it's "unsupported"

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Recently Chrome decided to stop supporting the NPAPI plug-in.

This plug-in basicly makes sure java can be ran in Chrome.


At this point they hid the option to enable it again,


How to enable it again:

1) open Chrome

2) Type chrome://flags/#enable-npapi in the adressbar

3) Enable the plug-in

4) Have fun playing runescape again in chrome.




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Works fine if you know the trick


osbuddy uses reflection so its hard to detect also a lot of legit players use osbuddy so even if they do detect that its osbuddy they can't ban you for botting



A JMod(Mod Jacmob) developes the client, which I think has left Jagex since months ago.


and u guys recommend osbuddy for mirror botting? its more accurate?

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