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How to call out a May-Day call - Full Guide

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Ever wanted to know to the proper, not that bullshit Hollywood May Day is called out in VHF Channel 16 (common emergency channel for seafarers).. Well here we go.


When calling out a May Day you start with

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday..

This is..

Name of the vessel, aircraft (or your familycar :doge:) x3

Vessel / Aircraft radio call-code

MMSI-callcode (only if used DSC)


Emergency call.. (We're out of cheese snacks)


What kind of help is needed. In most cases this will just be common request, but if your ship is going down on first date, and swallowing alot of seamen, like RMS Titanic did, I'd suggest to call all nearby vessels for rescue operation, as they are required to.


And finally it would be nice idea to call out how many people are on board, just in case. Can be read of crew list.


Now you are all set up. Happy Mayday calling!!





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