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So my Khaleesi released a Blast Furnace script that makes 350-700k/h with only 30 smithing requirement, I decide I'm gonna give it a shot and make 4 little noob accounts. So I log out from my main, turn on my proxy and make myself a few accounts and start up Khal Tutorial Island script.


1) Does tut island, logs out

2) Gets to the banking part - CYA HICK

3) Gets to Wizard - CYA HICK

4) Gets to the banking part - CYA HICK


Oh well, at least one account snuck by Mod Weath, NOPE! It got banned too, not sure if it was a shitlisted proxy or MW was sitting there with his AWP-BanHammer waiting for me to walk into his crosshair. #RIP #REKT #UWINDISONEMODWEATH



Blast furnace: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/68418-

Tutorial islandhttp://osbot.org/forum/topic/67163-

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