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How to change your HWID (Prevent being instant flagged)

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Why do you need to change your HWID?


You need to change your HWID because that is some of the things JaGex store and use to flag your accounts, the word HWID is probably not very used around here on OSBot and it's a thing people don't really take into consideration. I've seen countless people coming to me after being banned, simply thinking using another proxy/VPN is going to solve everything for them, I am sorry to bust ya'lls bubbles but no changing your IP or simply using a proxy with OSBot is not gonna make you go around unnoticed like you're some new player. But by changing your HWID & using a fresh proxy you're on the right path.


How do I know HWID have a relation to the bans?


My friends & I were apart of BA back in the days and some of you may know it & some of may not know it, in our bans over the years Mod Weath himself have confirmed to us he had HWID banned us multiple times. So it is something that is used on daily basis in the banning of especially goldfarmers, to keep an eye on them by flagging them with their HWIDs.





The Guide


1. Open your start & search for "Regedit"

After doing that, a screen will popup that probably loosing confusing as shit. But below here, I have some pictures for you to follow in a very easy process.






Quick text walkthrough of the guide:




3. CurrentControlSet

4. Controll

5. DConfigDB

6. Hardware Profiles

7. 0001


And then you will see a thing named "HWProfileGUID" and you will notice alot of numbers, and you can now go ahead and change the last number(s).


Now once you've done alot that, with a fresh proxy you should be good to go. I hope you enjoyed this little guide.


Best Regards, Malle


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I had a theory on this aswell, but I was told there is nothing in the game's code that looks for your hardware or other external stuff


edit; it could be possible though, back in early RS2 jagex used to do hardware bans 


Mod Weath confirmed it to us back in 2011, when we had our bugabuse rant. We were informed personally by him, that we were HWID banned and therefore creating account with the same HWID again would leave us instantly flagged.

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Am I the only one afraid of accidentally (with my horrible luck) changing my HWID to that of a well-known goldfarmer and get all my accounts insta-banned? lmao


The endless numbers & letters before the last numbers are not going to be the same as a goldfarmers, so you're all good.

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