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MOD COWS or am I trippin?

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The titles a spoof on "Mad Cows" but on the real I was just getting ready to set up my miner in Varrock and I saw a fucking cow pop up outa nowhere like a random but you couldnt interact with it, and then it straight up just kicked someone off the map. Kicked em with the back legs like a horse. Im in Varrock so Im waaaayyy outa cow terriotory too. Is this like some sort of joke or is that like Jagexs stealth way of whipping the ban hammer out on people? You get booted by a cow..?


I wish I got a screenshot.. I couldnt beleive it was for real.  Anyone else seen this??

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It's a teleport option, we got it last year at Runefest. Instead of doing the regular "Lumbridge style" teleport, we got this, it was optional and we had to write "Runefest 2014" or something along those lines to Django in Draynor Village. Trust me, i was confused as well.


At least you get it! Shit was wicked fuckin random.. Thanks for the info.


Would be mad funny if that actually was the ban emote laugh.png

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