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So, from your introduction I am still trying to figure out what you develope. Mind telling me? Other than that, welcome smile.png


Thank you :) for the last 3 years I've worked as a web dev, 2 years of php agency type work and the last year has been spent building a SaaS type service in node.js which although I've found to be quite a learning curve compared to php, I think it's very smart and I like it a lot.


I've worked on SCAR scripts, RSPS, wrote an eye of newt picker for a bot once. I don't really stick to one area, that'd be silly to limit myself. Currently I'm getting stuck into Laravel 5, which is proving to be very neat.

I think you may need to visit rehab about that growing gambling addiction.


Yeah well rehab aren't to happy with the outcome of my opiate addiction, so we're not on speaking terms atm.







big momma, selling narcotta,

how much do I want, bitch

none, zip, na-da

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