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Ultimate Guide to Botting l Explaining the Do's and Don'ts l


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Welcome! In this section of the guide, I will be explaining and going over what is actually a bot and how they work.

To begin, a bot is an application that is programmed to run automated tasks over and over again. In our world today, there are many different kinds of bots good and bad. There are email bots, spam bots, security bots, and in this case gaming bots. OSBot is a Runescape bot built and programmed in Java. The purpose of the bot produced by OSBot is to allow players to spend less time in-game performing tasks when the bot itself performs the tasks you want over and over again. But, doing so your account and wealth are at risked because it violates the Runescape Rules. Later in this thread you will learn how to bot safer and secure to dodge the incoming bullets from Jagex. Speaking of secure, not all bot applications are safe on the internet. There are many different kinds that can infect your computer using FUD (Fully Undetectable) programs, but rest assure OSBot is safe. Perhaps now you are interested in botting and experiencing the excitement and wonderful community OSBot has to offer. You can begin by downloading the bot on the homepage located here.  Read more information on learning what a script is and how to upload one using OSBot.


Key Points:

  • What is a Bot?
  • What is the purpose of OSBot?






Welcome to Part II of this Ultimate Botting Guide! In this section I will be introducing what actually is a "script" and how to upload one using OSBot. A script is pretty much what it sounds like, but instead of in the tense of a play think of it as lines of code instead. Scripters who write and share their own scripts at OSBot will program and configure their scripts to perform the tasks in-game. These scripts are programmed in Java and most of the time using an IDE (Eclipse,Netbeans etc). The bot client itself operated and provided by OSBot does not do all of the in-game tasks. The scripts that are released by scripters are controlling what happens in-game. 

If you would like to see what the code  would look like click here. (Special thanks to @Merccy for the script, his thread can be found here)


Now, I will go into depth on how to upload a script to your OSBot client to use. Please follow these steps:

  1. Find the script you would like to use, either look for it in the SDN or Local Category.
  2. Once you find the script you would like to use, download any of the files it tells you too. Usually the files will either be in a .groovy or .jar.
  3. Then you will have to drop the files or file into the correct spot. Here is a picture on how to go about doing this.
  4. 3rpmN.png
  5. Now, as seen in the picture above there is a script folder. You need to open that folder and copy and paste the script in there for it to work. 
  6. Once done that, open up your client, sign in and refresh the scripts and you are all set to go!

*Looking to learn how to script? Click here to view tutorials produced and made by @Merccy.


Key Points:

  • What is a Script?
  • How are they used?
  • How to make them work with the bot client.





Once you have gotten everything figured out and you have got some experience with botting, you will need to know how to bot safe and efficiently. Botting safe isn't easy and one mess up could sacrifice your account. The things to look out for today are:

  • Location of Bot Busts/Bans
  1. If you are unfamiliar with the area and how the bots work around it it is advised to know the location before you continue botting. Most Bot Busts happen when Jagex Moderators and normal Moderators come by and manually ban you. Knowing specific locations where they seem to come and ban players is a good idea to stay safe from getting the ban hammer.
  • Usual Time of Bans
  1. This information is VERY useful, however don't rely on it all the time. With my experiences, I have been banned botting chins on two different accounts three times on different days around the same time they each happened. I figured out that those bots were getting banned at around 4AM-9AM EST and so avoiding those time periods was a safer route to take. (Since noticing that, I haven't been banned throughout the day) In general though, knowing that Jagex Moderators live in England and the time there is different than most players can give quite an advantage. Knowing that they are awake during certain hours gives them a possibility of logging onto the game and going for bot hunts. While they are offline there is an opportunity for players to bot and get away with it. However this can be risky, but thought through it should end up fine.


  • Clan Chat
  1. ​This may be a shock to many players, and some may not believe. But, when a bot or user is in a clan chat for example; Mod Mark's Clan Chat, there is a lower chance of that bot being banned because the system can recognize if a user is in a clan chat and usually means that they are active in the chat. This has been proven to slow done the rates and chances of ban rates but does not work 100% of the time. Try it out, couldn't hurt!




  • Hot Bots
  1. ​This is a very understandable topic and that is why I won't go to deep into it. Don't bot at a place that has massive bans everyday/every time of day. That raises the chance of other accounts of yours getting banned because Jagex is starting to ban accounts with matching IP's.

Examples of Hot Spots Now: (Last Updated, 6/30/13)

  • Chins
  • Rock Crabs
  • Rune Sudoku
  • Granite Locations
  • Master Farmer
  • Viruses
  1. ​When you look into getting a script make sure before you download and use it, ask to see the source code. All SDN scripts are verified by the developers of OSBot that the code is safe, but it is the local scripts to look out for. If you are suspicious of a file you always have the right to ask for the source code or proof of it being virus free. Certain scripts have strings attached to them where they can grab and record your accounts info and bankpin. It will be to late when they get that because the next morning you will be in lumbridge bank with nothing on your account. 


Key Points:

  • How to Bot Safe!
  • Locations of Botting
  • Time of Bans
  • Hot spots
  • Viruses





With our final and last section to go over, I will end this with the type of bots found on Runescape. You may be asking yourself right now, what does he mean by type of bots? Well there are 4 Main type of bots used in both forms of Runescape today. Combat/Powerleveling, GoldFarm/MoneyMaking, Tool Bots, and Questing Bots. Each type of bot has the same potential risks of being banned but they have different rates of chance!


  • Combat/Powerleveling Bots
  1. One of the most used bots on 07 Runescape, these bots are here to train and power level the account. These bots have high risk of getting banned because they are easy to find, but not as much as goldfarmers. 

Combat/Powerleveling Scripts:


  • GoldFarming/Moneymaking Bots
  1. The most used bot in all of runescape is this one. This bot depending on the method has a HUGE risk of getting banned fast and sometimes permanently for first offenders. I wouldn't advise using these types of bots at the moment.

GoldFarming/Moneymaking Scripts:


  • Tool Bots
  1. These bots normally don't carry a risk or chance of being banned. They are normally used to get to places, auto typing, and so forth.

Tool Bots:


  • Quest Bots
  1. The least common type of bot to be found on runescape. These were once popular by another site about a year ago or so and the chance of getting banned were very small! At the moment, there are no scripts that deal with quests open to the public for 2007 Runescape.



  • Types of Bots and their ban rates
  • Combat/Leveling -High
  • Moneymaking -Very High
  • Tools -Low
  • Quest -Low





I hope this guide helped newcomers who don't have much experience when it comes to botting. I understand that most people know this already but with all of the recent bans I have figured out ways to work around it and would like to share in a guide.  Please remember that this guide is mainly for newcomers here at OSBot and people new to botting. I spent a lot of time writing this guide and it would be good to have some feedback on a 1-10 scale. In the near future I will update it and improve it, but for now I think I will take a break in hope of educating people on the chances,risks,and how-to's on botting.







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  • Quest Bots
  1. The least common type of bot to be found on runescape. These were once popular by another site about a year ago or so and the chance of getting banned were very small! At the moment, there are no scripts that deal with quests open to the public for 2007 Runescape.


I have a quest bot under development! The first quest is almost done! Check my sig.

I like that font ;p, is it hard to read?


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