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  1. Hey

    1. Peter


      add me on skype babes// @peterosbot

  2. I like David Cameron. That was funny as hell.
  3. what type of payments you accept?
  4. Peter

    VIP or nah?

    inb4 banned for name, vip is good unlimited tabs etc.
  5. Is RS3 that cheap? I remember it being 1$
  6. Acerd for Chatbox Assistant!

  7. Peter


    Welcome (back) to OSBot, hope you enjoy your stay and great to see another script writer join. ;)
  8. Peter

    Personal Banner

    I'm not a GFX designer but the frosts don't look at realistic bro.
  9. Shee hawwt Lily from How I Met Your Mother... What I'd do to her..
  10. Peter

    Private Message

    Working thank you..
  11. Peter

    Private Message

    I have over 100+ messages to clear and maximum is 50+ as I'm a regular member again.. GF me but thanks Nick I think that'll fix it.
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