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  1. AHK scripts actually ruin the game, don't understand why ppl use them ;l
  2. Legendary

    Perfect Thiever

    Banned in less then an hour lmao
  3. Legendary

    Perfect Thiever

    @Czar Completely broken for me. has been broken for past month Banks after it thieves twice for gp, banks the GP. Yes I am clicking the appropriate boxes. Bot literally does absolutely nothing
  4. Legendary

    new acc...

    IMO If you are planning to play the game legit then I would make an ironman. You don't feel like you are wasting your life away doing barrows cause you can't buy gp. just an example! I was always against creating an ironman account, but then I realized I want to actually play the game for what it is and this helps me do that/enjoy that.
  5. Legendary

    Perfect Thiever

    Hey, Never used nor think I got my trial when I requested it a few weeks back. Could I test out the script in regards to master farmer? Will buy if it works well, thanks.
  6. Looking to get a trial. Will buy if goes smoothly, thanks!
  7. I auto clicked all of my accounts to 99 magic, 9 accounts+. I used a random mouse clicker as well, but I only did it for 8-10 hours a day. If you botted before or have bans on your IP I suggest that may be the reason. Once they flag one account, if you continue to try to do the same operation on other accounts remaining on your IP that you got banned on or the IP that you created the accounts on you are at risk.
  8. you are the first fucker ive seen to take a TWC and turn it into a god damn marketing tool. IQ 2k
  9. Can I get a trial? Liked the thread, hoping it works well with my ironman!
  10. same issue. probably going to be banned because of it
  11. Legendary

    Perfect Thiever

    Hey, Liked the thread would appreciate a trial. Thank you!
  12. Account got perm banned, first time botting on it. becareful gents
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