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Molly's Thiever

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You could make the bot select always right click on runtime tongue.png just a suggestion


I actually will be doing this, but just trying to get this uploaded real quick before I head out to work haha.



I'm thinking 5.99. Since that can easily be made back in a day botting at master farmers I think it's a fair price to ask.

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I will upload a proggy of several hours, but nowwhere near 24 hours as I don't suicide bot lol.

yh but you said it should be $6 because you can make it back in a day? So what im saying is, you should make a proggy that has 2M worth of seeds or something to prove yourself right? >_> 

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Not to be mean/rude but my script is free and you want to ask 6$ for this... I actually want you to have good sales ( i don't care if people use mine or not as it is free) so i'd suggest reconsidering the price otherwise no one will buy it

The difference is mine is not only master farmers, currently it supports 3 areas with several more in development. You're comparing apples to oranges.

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