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List of past events - V7!


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@RoomScape - Got demoted, ggwp. The revolution was a success. sad.png

@Orp - Got unbanned with twc then got twc removed and had $100 donor then lost $100 donor and is twc again and is about to get banned...What a life.

Just noticed he got banned...

@lolmanden - Did some black magic vodoo shit and made @Maldesto remove his TWC then cast the same thing on me and forced me to buy him VIP.

@Epsilon - After @RoomScape got demoted, this brave warrior has stepped forth and volunteered as tribute.

- Some newfag wannabe @James who got his name stripped, but has been given CBA as compensation since @Maldesto felt bad for taking his name away.

@Acerd - Legend says he's still trying to get CBA by any means necessary, although I doubt he'll be successful at it.

@Asuna - Still afk's in the chatbox.

@Divinity - Surpassed @Nezz in every way possible along with a few ways not possible and has finally attained the long awaited global mod. 

@Nezz - Couldn't keep up with @Divinity so he got thrown to the curb.

- Got banned. 

Apparently pm'd someone his site link and then, as rumor would go, he got the banhammer shortly after. No one has heard from him since.

@Rhymes - Banned...again.

@RIPD - Banned for off-site scamming.

@BawsZ - Got twc, ggwp. inb4ban

@angeldust - Managed to scamquit @Shicky for some 40m.

@Minus Militia - Banned for whatever reason.

@Laz - Giving people free VIP.

Need an account stuck in random - http://osbot.org/forum/topic/52981-

@Scotty - Got veteran. ohmy.png

@Probemas - About to beat me in fb. sad.png

@Hoodie Allen - Scamquitted...Wonder how long it'll take him before he comes back claiming he was hacked.

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