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Veteran Rank - UPDATED! Date Extended!


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Registration Date: On or before May 1st, 2013.


Post Count: 500 or above


Ban History: Never to be temporarily banned from this day forward for breaking the rules/scamming.


Activity : You will not get the rank for just falling into the above requirements you will need to be active. You can't abandon the forums for 1 month and come back and expect to apply and get accepted, you will need to be active and helpful around the community. We will monitor this also, if you leave for 1 month and it is revoked. We will have to see the dedication from you again before you receive it again.


Staff: Has the right to deny anyone of the rank and revoke it at anytime. If we go into your record and see you have been warned numerous times for flaming, spamming, being rude to others, advertising, or any other rules broken we deem to be unfit for the group Veteran we will not accept you. You will have to clean up your act before getting into the group.




Pm me with with the title saying " I meet the requirements for Veteran" If you meet them I will discuss it with the other staff and we will see where it goes, don't ask for it here. smile.png If you don't meet the requirements or use that title of the pm, I won't respond thanks! 









These are the only members that can apply for it,  yet you have to meet the other requirements.

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